My Work Philosophy

I want something challenging to do, and I want to do it with intelligent and imaginative people.

I love creating with a team of people - everyone working to their strengths. Whether serving as leader or team member, I find it rewarding to bounce ideas around and learn from people who are better at something than I am. The finished product is so much better when the words come from someone who is amazing with words, and the visual elements come from someone amazing at that.

Throughout my career, I've benefitted greatly from relationships with mentors and bosses, and I enjoy getting to step into the mentor role at times. I take advantage of opportunities to share my own experience and knowledge when the opportunity arises. 

Hi, I'm Tanya!

I'm a graphic designer - originally from Kansas City. (Missouri not Kansas... It's a thing...) I got tired of being landlocked, so I moved to Seattle.

I'm currently working in-house at a theatre company as a designer and project manager. I also pick up freelance work when it comes my way. 

I love a challenge!

My Design Philosophy

I think of graphic design as art in service of information.

Delivering a message is the purpose of graphic design. I know that any designed item (postcard, website, brochure, ad) has just a few seconds to grab someone's attention and convey the desired message. My goal is to design in such a way that the most important information is what the viewer receives immediately. 

I'm always asking myself, "What do I look at first?"